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Kidney Stones ayurvedic treatments

Kidney stones are painful and act as a hurdle in the passage of urine flow. Kidney stone is a common health problem universally and can be treated easily if medical attention is given on a timely basis. Get rid of these achy stones with the help of ayurvedic solution for kidney stone.


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  • Kidney is a vital organ which removes toxic and waste substances from the body in the form of urine by filtering the blood. Kidney stones are formed when kidneys are not able to filter out waste substances properly and solid substances are formed from minerals present. Kidney stones symptoms include painful urination, more frequent need to urinate, brown or red color of urine due to presence of blood, nausea and vomiting.


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Kidney stone is a crystalline mineral formed in kidney. There are two types of kidney stones - uric acid stones and calcium stones. Irrespective of the size of kidney stones, they cause terrible pain during urination. The causes of kidney stones include dehydration, heredity factors, excessive intake of vitamin D and calcium, certain medications or diseases like gout, UTI etc. 

Home Remedies for Kidney Stone

Accompany the medical treatment with home remedies to get quicker results. One must follow the home remedies in case of kidney stones not only to cure the disease but also to prevent them from occuring next time. The best home remedy is to drink more water. It would dilute the acidic content and will ease the pain. Dandelion root is a potent ingredient to deal with kidney stones. Including it in your daily diet will help in cleaning the kidney. Pomegranate is widely known for its health benefits. Fresh pomegranate juice is a very effective remedy for kidney stones. Basil has been traditionally trusted for stone removal from the urinary tract. Avoid tea, coffee, meat, fish and of course alcohol.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Kidney Stone

Ayurveda is very well capable of treating kidney stones with natural approach. Hajrulayahuda bhasma is an excellent remedy for the problems of urinary system. It is widely used in kidney stone problem and helps in disintegrating the renal calculi. Take 250-500mg of the bhasma and mix it with coconut water or water. Drink the solution thrice a day and get rid of kidney stones. You may also take two capsule of stonoff daily for 30 days and remove stones completely from your urinary tract.

Keep your fluid intake high and ease your kidney stones problem.

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