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A number of factors cause migraine including stress, loud noise, hormonal changes and certain medications like oral contraceptives. Other migraine triggers include cheesy and salty food, drinking alcohol, taking stress etc. Migraine is often caused due to poor blood flow.

Migraine home remedies

Inhaling the smell of lavender helps in getting relief from migraine pain. Don’t drink too much alcohol or coffee. Migraines are also caused by difference in sleep-wake schedule. So one should take proper sleep and on time. Ice is anti-inflammatory and hence a great remedy to cure migraine. Drinking ginger tea also helps in getting relief from migraine pain.

Ayurvedic Cure For Migraine

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine is quite effective. Ayurvedic medicines are preferred over modern medicines to cure migraine. Rasnadi thailam and Prapaundarikadi thailam are herbal oil which help in getting relief from migraine if massaged on head gently. Migrakot oil enhances the transmission of nerve cells and reduces the chance of getting headaches. Shadangam Kashayam is decoction prepared from herbal ingredients which helps in getting rid of migraine if 5-15ml of the decoction is taken twice daily with 15-45ml of water. 

Pain killers are just a temporary solution, treat migraine properly with ayurveda.

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Migraine ayurvedic treatments Blogs

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Home Remedies For Migraine A thumping headache in the middle of an important business meeting can really take its toll on you. Migraine affects a major portion of population with a greater number of female sufferers than males. It is usually marked by throbbing pain on one side of head sometimes coupled with eye pain, nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity. Taking higher and frequent doses of medicines can prove to be detrimental. This calls for some natural remedies .........
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