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Personal hygiene ayurvedic treatments

Personal Hygiene is key to human health. Better hygiene implies better health. Give Ayurveda a chance to pave a path for you to maintain good hygiene and hence good health and well-being.

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Personal hygiene is very important. While good personal hygiene keeps diseases away, bad personal hygiene gives invitation to diseases.

Home Remedies for Personal Hygiene 

Personal hygiene starts from home only. Parents should instill the good personal hygiene habits in their children from the very beginning so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. Basic practices include brushing your teeth and taking bath daily. It cleanses the body (or teeth) and removes foul ordour from the body. Lemon is your home deodorant. Apply it under your arms and prevent foul smell and germs formation. You may gargle with baking soda solution to get rid of bad breath. And always remove make up before sleeping for maintaining a healthy skin. Always eat healthy, fresh and covered food and do wash your hands properly before eating.

Ayurveda Medicine for Personal Hygiene 

It’s not good for health to rely on drug therapies every time. Drug therapies do ensure good results that too quicker, but they make you pay a hefty price at later stage of life. So it’s better to cure anything with natural approach even if the results are slower. And the famous phrase, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ supports the argument. Eladi Thailam is very beneficial in maintaining a good hygiene. It not only improves skin texture by removing skin ailments, it’s also a great remedy for defective teeth and diseases of gums and teeth.

Maintain a personal good hygiene and keep yourself healthy.

The Ayurvedic Remedies For Personal Hygiene Online from Shimply

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