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Respiratory Health ayurvedic treatments

With increasing air pollution day by day, it has become more necessary to take good care of all the organs of respiratory system properly. Breathing and respiring are amongst the main functions of body that are necessary for survival. Take care of your respiratory organs with the help of ayurveda and lead a healthy life.

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To breathe and to respire are essential for survival. Any obstruction in functioning of any respiratory organ can lead to respiratory diseases. Respiratory disease causes include viral or bacterial infection, smoking, air pollutants etc. Symptoms of respiratory disease depend on the underlying cause. Though common symptoms include cough, sneeze, difficulty in breathing, head ache, chest pain, runny nose etc.

Respiratory Problems Home Remedies

Mild respiratory diseases do not require clinical visit and can be cured at home only. While for severe ones, home remedies can quicken up the recovery process. Ginger is very useful in all kinds of respiratory problems. Drinking ginger tea can give instant relief from respiratory diseases such as head ache, cold and cough. Chicken soup can also help in tossing out respiratory problems. Basil leaves are potent remedy for respiratory problems. Drink plenty of water the whole day. Smoking causes inflammation in respiratory tract so quit smoking.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Respiratory Problems 

Ayurveda understands the importance of respiratory health and hence provides numerous ayurvedic medicines to keep respiratory tract healthy. Drasksharishtam gives tough fight to cold, cough and chest issues and keeps respiratory problems at bay. Vasakadyarishtam is an effective remedy for all those who have respiratory complaints. Agasthya rasayanam helps in relaxing the respiratory spasm, expels mucous out of the respiratory tract and eases breathing.

Good respiratory health is directly connected to the quality of air you inhale. So keep yourself distant from the sources of air pollution and grow more trees in your surroundings.

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