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Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala



Sukumara Ghrita (also known as Sukumara Ghritam, Sukumaram Ghritam) is an Ayurvedic herbal laxative in ghee form which is very helpful for someone suffering from constipation. This ghee is based on principles of Ashtanga Hrudayam.

  1. Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Benefits
  2. Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Uses
  3. Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Ingredients
  4. Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Side Effects
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Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Benefits

Sukumara Ghritam has several benefits -

  1. Provides relief from constipation
  2. Used in preparation of Panchkarma
  3. Helps in treatment of several gynecological issues
  4. Helps in treatment of lower abdominal pain in women
  5. Relieves menstrual pain, and addresses problems with hemorrhoids
  6. Useful for treating constipation
  7. Is used in ayurvedic procedure of Snehkarma
  8. Improves skin complexion of women if taken as a daily token in small doses. Also, improves overall good health
  9. Helps calm Vata and Pitta

Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Use

Typical dosage is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon with water. Take your ayurvedic doctor recommendation to decide whether it needs to be taken 1 or, 2 times per day. It's usually taken 30 minutes before food.

Pathya - Bath in normal water (neither too cold, nor too hot), eat light food.

Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that are used to prepare this -

Sanskrit NameEnglish NameBenefits
GokshuraTribulus terrestrisGokshura improves testerone production and overall energy production - it's also used by body-builders
AshvagandhaWithania somnifera Dunal (Solanaceae)
KantakariSolanum xanthocarpum Schrad & Wendl., S.surattense (Solanaceae) Syn. Burm. L., S.virginianum
Yashtimadhu (Mulethi)Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. (Fabaceae), Licorice
BilvaAegle marmelos
PunarnavaBoerhaavia diffusa
ShyonakaOroxylum indicum
AgnimanthaPremna mucronata
PrishnaparniUraria picta
PatalaStereospermum suaveolens
GambhariGmelina arborea
Potagala moolaTypha elephantina
ShalaparniDesmodium gangeticum
BrihatiSolanum indicum
ErandaRicinus communis
Payasya (Kshirakakoli)Roscoea purpurea
Shara moolaSaccharum arundinaceum
KushamoolaDesmostachya bipinnata
Eranda tailaCastor oil
kashamoolaSaccharum spontaneum
ShatavariAsparagus racemosus
IkshumoolaSaccharum officinarum
DarbhamoolaErianthus arundinaceum
KrishnamoolaLong pepper root
KrishnaLong pepper fruit
MadhukaMadhuka longifolia
Yavani (Ajwain)Trachyspermum ammi, Bishop's weed, Carom

Sukumara Ghritam By Arya Vaidya Sala Side Effects

Speak to a doctor before using this medicine although there are no known side effects. However, if taken in high dosage, it will cause indigestion and diarrhoea. Also, if you have a history of diabetes, heart issues, high BP/Cholestrol, you must consult doctor as there may be an adverse affect.


Water for decoction - 49.152 liters boiled and reduced to 6.144 liters with all the ingredients. All items are mixed and heated together under the ayurvedic procedure for making ghritha


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