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Buy Ayurvedic Treatment for Teeth and Gums Online

Plaque is the real enemy of strong teeth and healthy gums. Plaque builds up due to certain bacteria and loosens the gums grip over teeth and makes the teeth bones weak. Gum disease symptoms include bad breath, redness, swelling and bleeding in gums and loose teeth. In case of tooth decay, common symptom includes tooth ache. 

Home Remedies for Teeth and Gums 

It's not always mandatory to get expensive dental treatments. Our kitchen has many ingredients which can help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Baking soda is potent remedy for oral problems. Baking soda is a base which neutralizes the acid and thus prevents teeth and gums problems. Brush your teeth twice daily and don't use the same brush for over three months. Aloe vera, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, is very useful in case of inflammation caused due to gum disease. Just massage aloe vera gel on your gums and then rinse off. Smoking adds to your oral problems, so say a strict no to smoking. Though natural remedies are useful, you should pay a visit to dental clinic in case you are suffering from tooth decay or gum disease.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Teeth and Gums 

Ayurveda believes in treating the disease from roots with no side-effects. Improve your oral care naturally with the help of ayurveda. Arimedadi Thailam is a traditional ayurvedic medicine which is an excellent remedy for oral problems. It is used for a famous procedure known as oil-pulling or gargling. It strengthens the teeth and gives relief from bad breath. Just gargle for 5-10 mins with 5-10ml of the oil and win over oral problems naturally. Pravala Pishti is very effective in children teething disorders. Dasanakanthi churnam is an excellent remedy for all ailments of teeth, gums and mouth. It controls bad odour, gum inflammation, insensitivity and wearing out of teeth.

Brush and floss twice daily and reduce your chances to visit dental clinic frequently.

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