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Throat Health ayurvedic treatments

God has given humans edge over other creatures by blessing them with the ability to speak. Throat is one of the organs which helps us speak. This makes throat a vital organ and it’s important to take care of it. Throat infection or problem can cause throat pain and inflammation in throat region. Get rid of this inflammation and pain with the help of ayurvedic medicine for throat problem.


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Common causes of throat problems include allergies, bacterial, viral or fungal infection, shouting, smoking etc. Symptoms of throat problems may include cold, cough, fever, difficulty in speaking, difficulty in swallowing food, swelling of neck region etc.

Throat Problems Home Remedy

Anyone can suffer from throat problems at any point of time. For getting a quick relief from throat disorders, try home remedies and take a sigh of relief. Ginger tea is an all time remedy for throat problems. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and immune system support, it is very useful in throat problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis etc. Gargling with the mixture of turmeric, water and salt also gives relief from throat problems. Avoid cold drinks and smoking. Avoid sources of air pollutants and irritants. If the symptoms continue, do consult an ENT specialist.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Throat Problems

Ayurvedic medicine for throat infection, disorders or problems is really effective. These ayurvedic medicines are capable of eliminating the disease from roots naturally with no associated side-effects. Anu tailam strengthens the throat and improves its functioning. Take a small pinch of nagarjuna elaadigana powder every morning on an empty stomach and get rid of throat problems. It is a great ayurvedic medicine for throat pain. Shoutik bhasma is very useful for women and children if they are experiencing a burning sensation in throat. Just take 125-250mg of the powder with honey or ghee twice a day.  

Drink plenty of water and wash away the bacteria present in your throat.  

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