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Women Health ayurvedic treatments

Usually a substantial fraction of ladies consider ‘time’ to be the most powerful healing medicine and try to keep their health problems to themselves. And especially when it comes to sexual health or reproductive parts issues, women hesitate a lot and make it only a whispering topic. Break all the shackles of hesitation and start paying heed towards your health, ladies! You can rely on ayurveda for your health. The sooner you do it, the better it will be. 

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A woman plays multiple roles in life - she is sometimes a pampered daughter, sometimes a caring wife, sometimes a loving mom and so on. She is sometimes an open book and sometimes the most complex thing on earth to understand. At times, she is adorable and alluring and at other times, she becomes furious and annoying. No matter what, she has lots of love and empathy for all in her heart and is an idol of peace and patience. Before thinking about herself, she thinks about her family. So it's time to think about them and gift them good health.

Apart from common diseases and ailments like depression, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, low bone density etc., there are some diseases which are specific to women only like breast cancer, cervical cancer, leucorrhoea, vaginitis, menstrual irregularities, vulvodynia, PCOS, menopausal syndorme and more. Symptoms and the degree of their severity vary from disease to disease.

Home Remedies for Women’s Health

Even if you are not suffering from any disorder or ailment, you shall practice some home remedies in your day to day life to keep your body fit and healthy. Women should take special care of their health during pregnancy and menstrual cycles. They should eat nutritious diet and perform the yogasans. Shatavari  is an excellent herb for women which takes care of overall women’s health, including sexual wellness and pregnancy. It has even potential to replace infertility with fertility. Cumin seeds have been traditionally used to treat menstrual disorders and menopausal syndrome. Amla is also a perfect food for women’s health. It takes care of her heart, hair, bones and skin, stomach and sexual health too.

Womens Ayurvedic Health Tonic

Ayurveda can do miracles in case of women’s health simply by its medicines. Supari pak is a perfect reproductive and sexual health tonic for women. It supports healthy libido level, regulates the production of hormones and also eases the menopausal transition. Simply using garbha chintamani ras for 3-4 months helps in safe delivery and keeps the foetus healthy. Phalkalyan ghrita is excellent for uterine and sexual disorders. Other ayurvedic medicines such as gynakot tablets, kamadudha ras, Ashwagandha churna, dhanwantaram arishtam etc. are also very helpful in giving a natural boost to women’s health.

A small formula for all the ladies - ‘On the way of fulfilling your responsibilities, never lose your ecstatic smile.’   

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