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A small change in diet and lifestyle can make big positive differences in your life. The government has also realized the importance of family nutrition and has launched many schemes and programs like family nutrition program (NFP), family nutrition education program etc. Put a halt to your family nutrition guide search and quickly read the following family nutrition tips. Breakfast should have high fiber content and less fat. Cereals, oats and fresh fruits are perfect for your breakfast meal. You may also give a healthy start to your day by drinking green tea.  Lunch and dinner should have high-calories. Chapatti with healthy veggies are perfect. You may also eat meat or chicken twice a week for protein. Drink a glass of milk before sleeping everyday. Intake low-fat or cook your food in olive oil. For better overview or if you are suffering from certain ailment, you may consult your family nutritionist.

Blood infuses life in our body and blood is made from the stuff we eat. So next time before eating junk food, remember that the momos that you have just eaten, which have given your mouth 5-mins yummy pleasure, may remain in your blood for over 2 months. So eat healthy, be healthy.

Healthy eating alone doesn’t ensure healthy survival. Accompany it with regular exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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