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10 Herbal Products to Prevent Hair Loss Everybody wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. Some are blessed with long and thick hair while others have to undergo treatments to get healthy and strong hair.
Diet & Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Hair Loss Today, the kind of environment we live in, presents numerous factors responsible for causing various health disorders. Hair fall is a very popular problem known to affect a wide range of individuals. Although it is considered very normal to lose 50-100 strands on a daily basis but more than this could be a matter of concern. You might start to lose your hair with passing years as the root of your hair becomes rather fragile and weak with your old body............
Natural Remedies For Hair Fall and Hair Growth Does your heart break a little too when you spot strands of hair in the shower or on your comb? Yes, I can feel you. Honestly, thick hair are so alluring and desirable but not easily attainable if you’re suffering from hair loss. There can be many reasons for hair fall like stress, hormonal imbalance, improper nutrition, ageing, diseases etc............