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Buy Bath Online

The most important place to make an impression after living room is your bathroom. It must be clean, hygienic well structured and at last, appropriate furniture sets must be installed at correct places to give your bathroom a decent look. To help you in buying the best bathroom furniture sets we have described below all of the available designs and styles followed by the quality level.

Various bathroom furniture: 

1. Armchair or Bench


Relaxing, useful when grooming and dressing 

2. Cart


Holding frequently used grooming and bath items.

3. Console Table and Washstand


Fixture to hold faucets, sink, and plumbing

4. Ladder Shelving


Open fixture to personal items and towels

5. Medicine Cabinet


Closed fixture to hold small items, medication 

6. Mirror


Personal use, reflects light to enhance the view of the room

7. Shelving


Store frequently items which are generally used such as towels and personal bathing items

8. Storage Cabinet


Store infrequently used items such as extra bathroom shampoo, tissue and soap

9. Table


Hold flowers, candles, grooming items

10. Vanity


Combination sink, mirror and cabinet provides functional focus to room

11. Vanity Chair


Sitting while applying makeup, shaving or styling hair

Materials used in bathroom furniture are wood, bamboo, medium density fiber and other durable articles which are of Indian or international origin. Other

optional yet very attractive materials that can be used in bathroom décor are brass, copper, stones, ceramic and porcelain.

Installation requirements: 

Professionals must be called to provide water and electric supply and install built-in shelves, plumbering fixtures and cabinets in the bathroom.

All the above mentions items are available at our online bathroom store section at affordable rates.

Top brands in this market segment are Hindware, Saniware, Saint Gobain followed by other local and international brands