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About Jaipuri Quilts Online

Jaipuri quilts are light weight and warm bed covers that are used in winter months. These keep you warm and cozy in the cold winter. It is also known as Jaipuri razai and is made by artisans of Jaipur in Rajasthan. These quilts are unique in their making and are very beautiful and colorful. The cover of these quilts may be made of cotton, silk or velvet and you get them in various bright colors and in different prints. Bright tie and die materials are also used for making these quilts. Some come with marble prints and Sanganeri prints.

During the winter time, these quilts are in great demand. The artisans make these quilts with their hands, following the traditional method of razai making like cotton carding, cotton voile-making and quilting. Cotton carding is a process in which the cotton is made fluffy and good so that they are usable. Here the worker uses two pieces of carders to card the cotton. Once it is over, all waste materials are removed from the cotton and you get soft, fine and delicate cotton fibers. It is said that to make a typical Jaipuri quilt, the worker takes 1 kilogram of cotton and card it for one full week. After it is over, only 100 gm of cotton is obtained. The quilt is then filled with this cotton. When you fill it, it is important that you layer the cotton evenly inside the cover. After it is filled, the quilt is stitched together to give a light weight quilt that is very comfortable and cozy. The comfort and warmth of the quilt depends on the cotton used. It is warmer and cozier if the cotton is more fluffy and light. A typical jaipuri quilt weighs 700 gm to 800 gm.

Earlier all stitching was done with hand, but now the sides of the quilt are stitched with sewing machines and then the workers use running stitch on the interior so that the filling is kept intact and in place. The whole process of creating a quilt involves other steps such as designing, piecing, appliqué and binding. The tradition of quilt making is practiced from generations in a family.