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About Bidri Crafts Online

Bidri craft is an interesting handicraft found in Bidar, a place in Karnataka. The history of Bidri crafts dates back to the 14th and 15th  century, during the rule of Bahamani Sultans. This craft got its name from Bidar, which is still the main hub for the manufacture of Bidriware. To make this craft, the artisans use an alloy of zinc and copper, inlaid with thin sheets made of pure silver. This traditional art has become so popular that it is exported to other countries as well. This handicraft is expensive and considered as a symbol of wealth. It has got GI registration also.

This craft was brought to India by the followers of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Here this art, which was a blend of Turkey, Persia and Arabic countries, mingled with the local styles, giving rise to a new style of its own. Kings who came later also patronized this art and thus it is still practiced in the country.

Bidri handicraft is a family business, which passed on from one generation to the next generation, mostly among the local Muslims and the Lingayat community. Even women took part in Bidri work, producing beautiful and unique items.

To make bidriware, an alloy of copper and zinc, in the ratio 1:16, is made. First the molten alloy is poured in to red clay moulds. The cast thus obtained is made smooth with sand paper and rubbed with a solution of copper sulphate to give the surface a dark color. Now the designs are engraved on the surface with chisels and pure silver sheets or wires are hammered into the grooves of the design. It is again made smooth and then slightly heated. Now it is treated with a solution of sal-ammoniac and earth taken from old fort buildings. This makes the surface jet black, which contrast well with the silver inlay. Then oil is rubbed on the surface.

Traditional designs include flowers, geometric designs, leaves, human figures, poppy plants with flowers and so on. Earlier, this craft was found in hookahs, paan-holders, vases etc. But now earrings, trays, bowls and other jewellery and showpiece items are also made from bidriware.

Other than Bidar, this craft is also popular in Hyderabad. Purnia in Bihar, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and Murshidabad in W. Bengal are other places in India, known for this handicraft. 

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