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About Kutchwork Handbags Online

Kutchwork bags are the products of Gujarat, which is a state in India well known for its handicrafts and embroidery works. Kutch and Saurashtra were the main hubs of kutch embroidery in the past, although now this embroidery is practiced in other parts of the country as well. The local artisans here create beautiful designs with kutchwork embroidery, which makes the entire fabric ornamental and spectacular. This includes mirror and bead works as well as Abhala embroidery, using bright colored silk threads. Kutch embroidery handbags are famous all over the world for their beautiful designs and handiwork.

It was the Rabaris, a nomadic tribe, who created kutchwork embroidery. According to history, kutch embroidery was brought by ‘Kathi’ cattle breeders. They displayed a variety of designs, elements, themes, moods and patterns in this embroidery. Another belief is that it was taught to shoe makers about 300 years ago by a Muslim wanderer in Sindh.

Kutch work handbags are handmade and are are lovely and durable. The artisans engaged in making these bags are skilled in kutch embroidery work. Many of them carry on this art generation after generation. You get them made of various fabrics like silk, wool and cotton. They are also made with leather. The main colors used in kutch embroidery are green, black, indigo, ivory, yellow, deep red and off white. Delicate bead work is also seen on these bags.

Kutch work bags include jhola bags, back bags and other types of bags. Most of them have the design only in the front. The back of the bag is plain. There are zips to close the bag. Inside the bag, there is an additional pocket also. The size may be small, medium or large. Some show beautiful embroidery work only while others are embellished with mirrors and other decorative pieces also. These match well with ethnic wear as well as modern clothes.