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About Wooden Crafts Online

Things made of wood have always attracted customers with their beauty and durability. The craftsmen making wooden items are skilled and learn the art of wood craft from their ancestors as they are made from generations in the same family. The craftsmen use their imagination and skill in making wooden items.  Wood craft has a long history and in the early times wood work was prevalent in temples and palaces. Then craftsmen started making beautiful furniture and other day to day items with wood. Rajasthan is one of the places in India well known for its wooden crafts.

Different types of wood are used for wood carving depending on what item is made and the easy availability of wood from the local market. Rajasthan wood craft includes beautiful and decorative boxes to keep various items, wooden furniture. The wooden doors and windows of Rajasthan is an excellent example of the skill with which the artisans in Rajasthan carve wood. Wooden jharokhas, which is common only in Rajasthan, is one of the finest examples of wood craft in the state. You also get tables with cast iron jaalis, side-boards, chairs, jhoolas, benches and dressers made with wood. Some are simple while others are carved elaborately and capable of adoring a royal palace.

Jaipur wooden craft in Rajasthan has an identity of its own. The furniture and other items made of wood in Jaipur are famous all over India as well as abroad. Wooden elephants of Jaipur are well known and noted for its craftsmanship. They are beautifully carved with intricate designs and are available in various sizes, ranging from tiny ones to large wooden elephants. These are exclusive decorative items and reflect the traditional Rajasthani art.

Toys, beautiful photo frames, statues of Gods and Goddesses, flower vase, pen stand etc made wood are available in Rajasthan. The wood craft design varies from one item to the other. Most of these items are painted with hand and highly decorated.