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Saharanpur Wood Work

Saharanpur is the traditional center of woodcraft where wooden items are made mainly using sesham wood, mango wood & haldu wood. Saharanpur wooden furniture with Mehrab, jail & grapevine motifs looks exquisite. Even today, the front door of each household in Saharanpur has beautiful wood carvings of Hindu deities & auspicious motifs.

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About Saharanpur Wood Work Online

Wooden articles are always in high demand in India because of their long durability and ethnic appeal. There are many places in India noted for their wood carvings. Saharanpur is one among them. It is a city in Uttar Pradesh and is famous all over India and abroad for its wood work. Saharanpur wooden handicrafts industry is flourishing well and is a livelihood for more than for about half the population in the area.

The origin of Saharanpur wood carving can be traced back to the late 19th century. The first organized wood carving unit was believed to have been set up in Saharanpur in 1882 by Atta Hussain, who was an immigrant from Multan. Since most of the craftsmen here are immigrants from Kashmir, wood carving here is greatly influenced by Kashmiri designs. With Saharanpur becoming one of the major centers for wood work, wood carvers from other parts of the country have also migrated here.

Wood carving is done by hands and Saharanpur wood crafts are mainly made with sheesham wood. Teak, rosewood, mango and walnut are also used by some of the craftsmen. First the design is made on a paper and then it is transferred to the wood using ink. Then the design is carved on the wood using chisels. The article is finished by buffing, which imparts a shine to the wood.

You get traditional as well as newly designed products here. Finely chiseled screens and jaali work, and anguri or vine leaf pattern are found in many of the wood products here. Some of the wooden handicrafts here are traditional wooden jharokha, beautiful wooden room dividers, rocking chair, wooden carved mandap temple, service trolley etc.

Saharanpur wooden furniture is also very popular and includes coffee table, wooden cabinet, wooden carved sofa, corner shelf, carved bed and so on. They are fine examples of the artistic skills of the craftsmen here.  

The Intricate Saharanpur Wood Work Online from Shimply

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