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Fees for Selling on Shimply.com

At Shimply.com, we provide the best performing E-Commerce platform to merchants. We offer a platform to allow merchants to showcase and sell their inventory across the country to customers anytime, anywhere and using any device.

If you have an existing eCommerce site, we will be happy to add your listings and drive traffic to your website. Also, if you are ok, we will charge customers on our site and send the order details to you.

Marketing fees: If customers are able to buy products directly from our site, we charge a nominal selling fee to cover our expenses and provide you with this unique value proposition. It is completely performance based, so you pay only when you sell a product through us. We do not charge any listing fees or, insertion fees.

  1. Marketing Fee:- Seller shall pay 17% marketing fees to Shimply.com on all sales.
  2. Payment Collection Fees:- Seller shall pay 3% to Shimply as payment collection fees.
  3. Courier Fees :- Seller shall pay the courier fees. If Shimply.com facilitates the pickup and delivery, charges are Rs. 50 per 0.5 KG. It may be extra in case volumetric charges apply.
  4. Return / Cancellation related policies :
    No. Particulars Shipping Charge Reverse Pick Up Charges Payment Collection Charges Shimply Marketing Fees
    1 Direct Shipment Returns (Damaged Defective/Wrong) Borne by Seller Borne by Seller Borne by Seller Borne by Seller
    2 Vendor Related Cancellations (Out of Stock / Cancellation due to delay in shipment beyond 3 days from published dispatch date, etc) NA NA Borne by Seller Borne by Seller
    3 Replacement in case of point 1 Borne by Seller Borne by Seller NA NA
    4 Replacement in case of incorrect product delivery coz of size, colour related issues Borne by Seller Borne by Seller NA NA
    5 Post-shipment return/ Customer Non-acceptance (exclusive of point 1) Borne by Seller Borne by Seller Borne by Seller Borne by Seller

  5. Service Tax: Current Service Tax applied by the government will be applied on top of your Marketing Fee + Payment Gateway Fee + Shipping Charge

Please email us at partner@shimply.com for any additional clarifications.