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Jewelleries are always a favorite with women and also men. Women love to wear various types of ornaments that match with the attire they wear. Some like traditional jewelleries while the new generation likes to wear modern jewelleries. Traditional ornaments are usually heavily made and made mainly of gold. Assamese Jewellery has its own identity and stand out among other jewelleries.

Assamese traditional Jewellery is usually handmade and are exquisitely designed and made. They show the amazing skills of the craftsmen of Assam and you will be proud to own such exotic jewelleries. Most of the jewelleries made now are a blend of ancient and modern designs. Slight changes in traditional designs are made to suit the tastes of the modern women. This has made Assamese Jewellery designs unique and glamorous. For young girls there is a special section of Assamese jewelleries. These are simple and suitable for day to day wear. Many of the Assamese jewelleries have a silver base with gold polish and minakari. These look very beautiful and are affordable also. You also get silver jewellery done in crystals. Jewellery sets consisting of necklace and earrings are also available. Some have semi precious stones embedded on them, which add more charm to the jewellery. Other than necklaces and earrings, you get bangles and finger rings that are made in traditional style as well as modern style.

You can buy Assamese jewelelry from any well known jewellery shop or online. Assamese Jewellery online shopping makes it easy for you to buy them, especially if you are too busy to go out and shop. The online stores display various Assamese Jewellery designs with price, so that you can go through each item and choose those that you prefer and fit within your budget. You will get it delivered at home within the time mentioned on the website.