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Bangles are rigid bracelets, which are made from various materials. They are worn by women in South Asia, especially in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Bangles are not only worn as an item of beauty and fashion, it also has a traditional value among Hindu women. Married women always wear bangles. It is considered inauspicious to stay bare handed after marriage.

Lac bangles are considered auspicious in many regions like Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Bihar. They are embellished with semi-precious stones, pearls, mirrors, beads and so on. Beautiful wooden bangles decorated in various ways are a craze with the college girls and working women. They are trendy and match with all kinds of outfits. There are also artificial bangles made of alloy, which are gold plated and look as good as any other bangles. A variety of alloys are used to make these bangles. There are other variety of bangles as well like glass bangles, plastic bangles, silver bangles and each has its own charm and uniqueness. 

Some of the most popular bangle types are Diamond Bangles, Gold Bangles Set, Ruby Bangles, Pearl Bangles, Emerald Bangles, Black Beads Bangles, Antique Bangles, Ruby Emerald Bangles and Stone Studded Bangles. 

Gold plated bangles embellished with semi-precious stones, pearls and other works are very popular among women. They are cheap compared to bangles, but look as good as gold bangles. Also, Light Weight Gold Bangles are very much preferred by young women these days. You also get customized bangles nowadays, which are made according to your preference. You can have the name of your spouse, lover or any other name you prefer etched on these bangles. You may also have some beautiful wording.  Even pictures are done on these bangles. 

bangle set consists of same bangles or bangles made with different materials. Most of the women wear gold and glass bangles together instead of wearing only gold or only glass bangles. Bangle design vary a lot depending on the material with which they are made and the trend. A famous design liked by most ladies ia peacock design, that's why Peacock design bangles are so popular. Even the shape of the bangles is of much importance. Some women look for Broad Gold Bangles while others look for Broad Diamond Bangles. Some want very simple diamond bangles or latest diamond bangles while others are looking for fancy diamond bangles or trendy gold bangles.

The Fancy Bangles Online from Shimply

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Orders placed for Bangles online are dispatched within 2-3 working days (details are mentioned for each product separately) and they reach you within 2-3 days in India and 10-15 days in any other part of the world! We make every effort to make your online bangle shopping experience with us a pleasurable one.

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