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Kolhapuri jewellery has special importance for Maharashtrian women. Kolhapuri Saaj is widely worn by women in Maharashtra in place of Mangalsutra. Thushi, a choker type necklace from Kolhapur, forms a part of bridal jewellery in Maharashtra.

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Women in India are very fond of wearing jewellery and this helps in enhancing their beauty. Every state in India has its own jewellery designs and fashion. One such state is Maharashtra, famous for its unique jewellery from Kolhapur.

Kolhapuri saaj is traditional kolhapuri jewellery and it includes two vatis, or small bowl shaped design, which represent the sun and the moon. These two vatis consist of the pendant and is called Ghat. This is surrounded by 21 small and big Ghagris. At the centre of the Ghat, a precious stone called Manik is paced. This depicts the power of the sun. On the surface of the ghat is seen the image of Krishna. Matsya, Narasimha and Koorma are other shapes found in this necklace. There are also 16 other designs, thus making 21 designs. This is worn by married women for the long life of their husband.

Some of the other Kolhapur gold jewellery includes har and malas, kolhapuri mangalsutra, mohan mala, chaplahar, bormal, pohehar and putlihar. Kolhapuri jewellery designs make them stand out among other jewellery.

Mohan mala consists of round gold beads that are stringed in two or more layers. This is simple but very beautiful. Tanmani is a three or four stringed pearl necklace with a beautifully crafted pendant with red and white stones at the centre.

Thushi is also very popular in Kolhapur. It is a choker and consists of closely bound gold beads and is loved by the women here. It looks good with traditional clothes and perfect for weddings, religious ceremonies and so on. Nowadays you also get Thushi necklaces, which you can wear with silk sarees and look traditional.

Patlya (broad bangles), bangdya ( four simple bangles) and tode (finely carved thick bangles) are the different types of bangles popular in Kolhapur. Nath (nose ring) and flower shaped earrings made here are also very popular among women. 

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