Mangalsutras and Tanmaniyas

Before the origin of mangalsutra, a yellow thread, known as Kankanabandhana, used to be tied around the bride's wrist to protect the couple from an evil eye. Although this tradition somewhat remains the same in South India with the Mangalsutra being in the form of a yellow chain with a golden pendant, it is quite different in the North with the Mangalsutra being made out of black beads with gold bearings.  

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Mangalsutras & tamniyas indicate the marital status of a woman. All Hindu married women in India wear mangalsutras and sindoor. Wearing them is believed to provide long life to their life partner. Mangalsutras & tamniyas consist of two strings and a gold pendant. The two strings consist of black beads that are small in size. Black beads are said to protect the person wearing it from evil eyes and protect the life of her husband. The pendant may have bigger beads made of gold. The mangalsutras vary from state to state. In South India, yellow cotton thread is used in the mangalsutra while in North India, plastic thread is used.

It is believed that the black beads will absorb all negative vibrations before they reach the bride, groom and their family. Also, just like each bead contributes to making a beautiful necklace, similarly the bride will have to integrate into the new family. 

Traditional mangalsutras are no longer associated with the marriage ritual only. Infact, magalsutras have become a fashion with the married women in the recent years. This is mainly because of the TV serials and movies, where the heroines wear mangalsutras and look fabulous in them. It is now a trendy ornament and seen in all jewelry shops and showrooms. There are various mangalsutras designs available now for you to choose form. You can choose between single and double chain mangalsutras. You can buy mangalsutras & tamniyas made of gold, which are costly. Those who can afford the price prefer mangalsutras in gold. There are also silver magalsutras. Other than these two, mangalsutras made of various other precious and semiprecious metals are also available now. You get gold and silver plated ones which are less costly. Some of them even have diamonds engraved on them and available as diamond mangalsutra designs. Infact you can get simple diamond mangalsutra or black diamonds mangalsutra these days. If you want something more fancy, go for the designer mangalsutras. There are also light weight mangalsutra designs, short mangalsutra designs, black beads mangalsutra designs, simple black beads mangalsutra and short black beads mangalsutra too.

Online mangalsutras & tamniyas make it easy for you to select one that suits your taste and pocket. Mangalsutras & tamniyas price differ according to the material with which it is made of. If it is of gold, the price is high. Now you get mangalsutras and tamniyas made of metal and alloy, which are priced below INR 1000 or even INR 500. These are fashion jewelry and used by many. You also get large discounts when you buy online. 

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