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Bagh print suits are usually cotton based and very soft. These are an all time wear as they can be used in all seasons and climates. Traditionally, Bagh print style was used for a few products such as lehengas and sarees, whereas now it has innovated and expanded its range to bed covers, dupattas, dress materials, curtains, table cloths and much more.

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  • Bagh Print is a traditional hand block print which started in its current form in 1962 when a group of Muslim Khatri artisans migrated to Bagh village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh & hence derived its name 'Bagh print.' Due to the contribution of the craftsman Ismail Khatri, the imprinting of the Bagh print on fabrics started. Eco-friendly in nature, since it makes use of vegetable dyes, this art is gaining a lot of recognition worldwide.

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About Bagh Print Suits Online

The bold and vibrant hand block Bagh printing has its origins in Bagh village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh and from where it also derives its name ‘Bagh prints’. This unique craft was started by the Chhippas of the Khatri community who migrated to Marwar (Rajasthan) around 400 years ago from Larkana in Sind (now a part of Pakistan) and entered Bagh in 1962.

Bagh was chosen as a suitable place for this craft as the high copper content in the waters of Bagh River adds depth to the color. 

In the 1960s, due to the emerging field of synthetics, many artisans left the craft. However, the bagh printing technique attained new dimensions due to the efforts of one craftsman Ismail Khatri who not only pursued his craft but whose single biggest contribution was imprinting the Bagh Print on fabrics. 

Traditionally, fabric used in the making of Bagh Print Suits was cotton, but now crepe, silk and tassar are also used. The dyes used in Bagh printing are vegetable based and the main colours are red and black. Bagh printing is a tedious and time-consuming process but the end results are worth the wait. The whole process of block printing involves '15 Steps' and a single Bagh print composition may comprise of as many as 1300 different block impressions. The process starts by treating the fabric by soaking it in raw sea salt, non-refined castor oil and goat dung; it is then dried three times in succession.  After the final drying, the cloth is dipped in a solution of harada or baheda powder. After drying the cloth again for fifteen days, it is washed in flowing river water and finally boiled in water mixed with dhavdi flowers and roots of aal tree in a copper vessel to give colors a deep hue. 

A wide range of products are now available made from Bagh printed fabric including ladies suits, saris, dress material, dupatta, bed-covers, pillow covers etc.

Bagh print salwar kameez are characterized by geometrical patterns of floral motifs which enhance their appeal. Many of the Bagh print motifs are imitations of the drawings made by the Pandavas during their stay in the caves in exile.  These motifs include Nariyal Zaal, Ghewar Zaal, Saj, Dakmandwa, Chameli or Jasmine, Mushroom, Leheriya and Jurvaria. 

The softness, lightness, eco-friendly feature, bio-degradability and easy maintenance of Bagh print salwar kameez serve to make them an instant favorite to wear for a variety of occasions, including auspicious events, formal functions and cocktail parties. These suits can be worn in all climates and are increasingly gaining recognition worldwide due to its eco-friendly nature.

In 2008, Bagh Prints got the Geographical Indicator (GI) registration with the government of India.

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