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About Bengal Tant Sarees Online

Bengal is very famous for its tant sarees, which are worn by all Bengali women. The term “tant” refers to the handlooms in Bengal that are used to weave cotton sarees along with dhotis and other garments. The earliest record of handloom saree weaving in Bengal can be traced back to the 15th century in Shantipur (in the Nadia district of West Bengal). Bengal Tant Sarees are made by the traditional weavers from all over West Bengal, but there are some places that are famous for the production of these sarees, which are Nadia, Murshidabad and Hoogly in West Bengal and Dhaka and Tangail in Bangladesh.

Tant sarees and Baluchari sarees are the two most important types of sarees in Bengal. Tant sarees reached its peak of fame during the reign of the Mughals (16th – 18th centuries). The British tried to destroy this traditional art in order to protect the textile industry of Manchester. But they did not succeed much. After India got independence and after the division of Bengal in 1947, many traditional weavers from Bangladesh settled in West Bengal and carried on with their art of weaving tant sarees. In fact they brought a different kind of weaving tradition. Over the years, different regions in Bengal have developed their own style of weaving. Now the weavers get support from the government also. In the traditional weaving of tant sarees, handlooms were used by the weavers, but now power looms are used in their place to weave these sarees.

The border of a typical bengali tant saree is thick and the pallu is decorated with artistic motifs. The thick border protects the saree from getting easily torn. Some of the traditional motifs that decorate these sarees are tabji or amulet, bhomra or bumble bee, nilambari or blue sky, benki or spiral, tara or star, Rajmahal or royal palace, hathi or elephant, rattan chock or gem-eyed, kalka or paisley and phool or flower. A large number of designs are also hand printed, printed or embroidered on the sarees.  Nowadays modern art are also displayed on the bengal tant sarees.

Tant sarees are the best for wearing in the summer months when it is very hot and humid. It is light, almost transparent and is very comfortable to wear. The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wears only tant sarees, which are brought from Dhaniakhali.

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