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About Bengal Zari Work Sarees Online

Zari consists of threads made of fine gold and silver. You also get artificial zari, which are cheaper. These threads are woven on fabrics to make various patterns and designs. This makes the fabric look rich and beautiful. Usually zari work is done on silk fabrics. Zari work saree design is so intricate and perfect that the fabric gets an expensive look. In the past, zari work saree was worn only by women of the aristocratic and royal families. Zari work is regarded as one of the most elaborate ways of doing embroidery with metal threads.

There was a village named Zari in Persia in the ancient times, where the artisans were very skilled in weaving thin threads of gold and silver on silk fabrics.  The word zari is believed to have originated from this name. Zari work was brought to India by migrants from Persia during the time between 1700-1100 BC. It flourished during the reign of the Mughalas. Emperor Akbar was a great patron of this art.

Zari work in West Bengal is very famous for its intricate designs and beauty. This is done by the women of rural Bengal. They make various patterns and designs on silk sarees of various colors and then do the zari work using needle and gold or silver thread. Each design contains hundreds of stitches and so it is very time consuming. A large percentage of women in Dakshin Barasat, West Bengal, is engaged in zari work and chikan work.

Saree zari work needs skill and can be done only by experienced artists. Zari work is now recognized as one of the ancient and traditional arts by the Government of India. Nowadays, in addition to real silver and gold zari, you also get cotton or polyester yarn wrapped in silver or gold metallic yarn. Sarees with real zari work are expensive and perfect for weddings, religious gatherings and other such important functions. 

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