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About Chanderi Sarees Online

Chanderi is a place in Madhya Pradesh, India, where the traditional weavers produced sarees in cotton and silk, which were exquisite and decorated with fine zari work. They produced these sarees from three kinds of fabrics, which were silk cotton, pure silk and chanderi cotton. 

Chanderi was known as one of the best handloom clusters in India from the ancient times. Chanderi town is known to have its origin back in the vedic period and is believed to be founded by Shishupal who was the cousin of Lord Krishna. Due to the geographical location of Chanderi near the trade routes, connecting Malwa, Mewad and Central India to the ports of South and Gujarat, it emerged as a major centre for weaving. In the beginning, the weavers were Muslims and later in 1350, the koshti weavers from Jhansi migrated to Chanderi and settled down there. Originally, the Chanderi fabric was made with handspun cotton warps and wefts. During 1890s, evolution of Chanderi began when these handspun yarns were replaced by yarns made in mills. The royal family of Scindia patronized Chanderi saree in the 1910 and it was then that golden thread motifs started to appear on the cotton muslin sari. However, it became most popular during the reign of Mughals, when it was the choice of queens in India. Then in 1930s the chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh started using Japanese silk instead of cotton fabric. Thus chanderi silk sarees came into existence.

Chanderi sarees are characterized by their transparent or sheer texture and the presence of motifs or buttis in the saree. This makes them unique and different from other handloom fabrics. The buttis or motifs were woven with hand on the handloom, using needles. For different motifs, separate needles were used. They were then coated with gold, silver or copper. The motifs included swans, fruits, heavenly bodies, flowers, lotus, gold coins and other themes from nature. Geometrical patterns and very attractive motifs like Nalferma, Dandidar, Jangla, Chatai, Mahndiwale haath etc are now seen on these sarees. The color also changed from soft pastel hues to vibrant color combinations.

These Chanderi sarees are light in weight and the cotton and silk used in making the saree give them a luxurious look. Chanderi sarees are fit for wearing on any occasion like wedding, puja and so on. In summer, Chanderi cotton sarees keep you cool and smart.

With around 3,500 looms in working condition, 18,000 people at present are directly or indirectly dependent on the Chanderi weaving industry for their living. In 1999, the production of Chanderi got the Geographical Indicator (GI) registration with the government of India.

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