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Dhakai Jamdani Sarees

Dhakai Jamdani sarees are made with the finest muslin and it has its origin in Bengal. It is one of the finest examples of hand-woven clothes and is traditionally woven in Dhaka in Bangladesh and the surrounding area. Hence it got the name Dhakai Jamdani saree. The word jamdani is derived from Persian language, in which Jam means flower and Dani means a vase. The traditional art of weaving Jamdani has been declared by UNESCO the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

The weavers making Dhakai Jamdani sarees got royal patronage during the reign of the Mughals and the finest varieties of muslins fabrics with floral and figured motifs were produced in this period. After the partition of Bengal in1947, many of the Hindu weavers migrated to West Bengal and carried on the tradition of jamdani weaving in India.

Jamdani sarees are characterized by transparent and ultra-fine fabric, on which intricately designed motifs are made, as if floating on the material. This provides a mystical beauty to the saree. Dhakai Jamdani is the finest of jamdani sarees and the most elaborately made. It takes about 9 months to 1 year to weave one such saree. Dhakai jamdani cotton sarees are made with pure cotton and are light in weight and soft, with an expensive look. Nowadays you get sarees made by blending cotton and silk as well. Even dhakai jamdani silk sarees made with pure silk are now available. Vibrant colors which include gold and silver are also used to make contemporary designs on these sarees.

Most popular motifs used are panna hajar or thousand emeralds, kalka or paisley, fulwar or flowers arranged in straight rows, butidar or small flowers, jalar or motifs evenly covering the whole sari, tersa or diagonal patterns, duria or polka spots and charkona or rectangular motifs.

Dhakai sarees are expensive and require high maintenance. So they are worn only on special occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies and other such events. It is light and very comfortable wear, and can be worn on all months of the year. 

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