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About Gadwal Handloom Sarees Online

Gadwal is a town in Andhra Pradesh and the traditional sarees made here are known as Gadwal sarees. This town boasts of having highly skilled weavers with rich traditional weaving values and techniques. Most of the weavers in Gadwal speak Marathi and belong to the Hindu community. Infact according to the Hindu mythology, they are identified as the descendants of Jeeveshwar Maharaj – weaver of Hindu Devi-Devtas. 

This particular town has a unique style of weaving silk saris as the weavers here were encouraged and patronized by the royal family of Gadwal. The characteristic distinguishing feature of this sari is that the body of the sari is woven in cotton (at times in check patterns) and the pallav and borders separately in pure silk and zari. Then all the three components are interlocked together with a weft technique known as “Kupadam” or  “Tippatiamu” lending the names “Kupadam or Kumbam” to them locally. The pallav and border is heavily brocaded with south Indian cultural patterns in contrasting colors.  It is believed that the brocading abilities of many of the weavers in Gadwal originate from Banaras where a local king sent some of the weavers from Gadwal to Benaras to learn the brocading skills. However, the designs don't show any Banaras influence and are strongly south-indian in structure and aesthetic quality.

The commercialization of Gadwal Handlooom sarees took place in 1930s and the weavers were provided spinning looms and other machines to help weave the sarees. The designs made on the saree are in contrasting colors. You get Gadwal sarees with small, medium and large borders. There is golden or silver zari work on the entire length of the border. This gives it a rich and exquisite look. With commercialization of Gadwal sarees, the designs which were taken from temples, and the colors taken from nature, gave way to modern designs. The colors advanced from earth colors to bright colors. Now, with the technique of dying, you get sarees with multitude of contrasting colors. Since cotton is the main fabric used, you can wear it in summer as well as winter months. The motifs of ‘Murugan’, i.e. peacock and the Rudraksha rule as the favourite pattern in Gadwal Sarees.

The Gadwal Sico Saree is of recent origin - 50% cotton and 50% silk. It is in great demand these days. For the Gadwal weavers, the source of silk and cotton is Bangalore and that of gold zari is Surat. 

Everday and partywear types of Gadwal are common but it has long had a reputation as a Puja Saree, due to it being classy, trendy and traditional all at the same time. These Gadwal sarees are so fine that it is said that a saree can be folded in to the size of a match box. 

Gadwal sarees are now exported to other countries as well, especially to US, UK and some parts of Europe. With new machineries and techniques, there is a large increase in the production of Gadwal sarees. But they still have a traditional touch to them while the designs are contemporary. So it is in great demand all over India and abroad. 

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