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About Madhubani Sarees Online

Madhubani is a style of Hindu painting which originated in the Mithila region of Bihar and the adjoining parts of Nepal. The painting is done with fingers, match sticks, nib pens, twigs and wooden brushes. Natural dyes and pigments are used for the painting. For each occasion like birth, marriage, holi, Durga puja, upanayanam and so on, there is a painting that suits the occassion.

The origin of Madhubani painting is believed to have been in the time of Ramayana, when King Janaka, the father of Sita, ruled Mithila and ordered people to decorate mud walls of their houses with paintings of mythological events and geometrical patterns for the marriage celebration of Lord Ram and Sita. Madhubani means forest of honey and this is a distinct region in the northern part of Bihar. Originally this painting was done only by women and that too only on walls that are coated with mud and cow dung. The wall art, locally known as “Bhitta Chitra”, became a cultural tradition over the centuries. It was not known to the world till the India Nepal border earthquake in 1934. Paintings on the interior walls of the homes were exposed as house walls had tumbled down. The beauty of the paintings fascinated the British colonial officer in Madhubani District, William G. Archer who was inspecting the damage. Then in a 1949 article in the Indian art journal, Marg, he brought the wall paintings to public attention and is rightly credited with the “discovery” of Mithila Paintings. The paintings saw their second birth after the Great Famine of Bihar in 1962 when the social activist Mr. Bhaskar Kulkarni, noticed the paintings and came up with the idea of producing this painting on papers and clothes as an income generating project. Today, the artisans of Madhubani make Madhubani sarees and are very well known for their style of art. 

Madhubani print sarees are elegant and include mythological patterns as well as other designs like motifs of fish, flowers, trees, bamboos, sun and so on. For color, they use charcoal, turmeric, sandalwood, indigo and rice, which produce natural dyes. The prices of Madhubani print saree differ according to the work done on it and the fabric used. Madhubani silk sarees are rich and elegant, giving a royal look to the wearer. You get these sarees in different colors to suit your preference and complexion.

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