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About Maheshwari Sarees Online

Maheshwar is a well known town in Madhya Pradesh, which is famous for a particular type of sarees produced here called Maheshwari sarees. Maheshwari sarees are unique in style and are well known all over the country for their elegance and grace. Maheshwari saree history takes us back to the 18th century, during the rule of Ahilyabai Holkar in Madhya Pradesh. It is said that she ordered craftsmen and artisans from Malwa and Surat to make a special saree for her, which was 9 yards in length. The first saree was designed by the queen herself. They were worn by the royal ladies in the past, although now these sarees are available in domestic as well as international market for everybody to wear.

Maheshwari silk sarees were made initially, but now you get maheshari sarees made of silk as well as cotton. Maheshwari cotton saree is very comfortable to wear during the summer period. Maheshwari saree motifs, techniques and weaves are greatly influenced by the grandeur of the forts in Madhya Pradesh. Some of the popular designs found on these sarees include Mat pattern or ‘chattai’, along with ‘chameli ka phool’. ‘Eent’ or brick and ‘heera’ or diamond patterns are also common on these sarees. These motifs and designs are still found on these sarees even years after their introduction. Maheshwari sarees are either plain in the centre with borders that are exquisitely designed, or they have checks and stripes in the centre.

Maheshwari saree weavers are highly skilled in weaving these sarees. They weave these sares in such a way that the border of this saree is reversible. This means that you can wear it from either side. Maheshwari sarees are light in weight and the colors are made with natural dyes. Earlier, the color of the sarees were mainly shades of red, maroon, green, purple and black. But now they have started making light colored sarees with the use of gold and silver threads on them. 

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