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About Paithani Sarees Online

Paithan is a small town in Aurangabad in Maharashtra, which has a rich culture and tradition. It is here that Paithani saree is weaved. Paithani silk sarees are made using exquisite silk and they are hand woven. Paithani sari is considered as the richest saree in the whole of Maharashtra. This art is more than 2000 years and flourished during the Shalivahana era. Since then Paithani saree has become a heirloom that was passed from one generation to the other. Since major part of this saree making was done by womenfolk, the mother passed on this weaving technique to her daughter.  Even now the real Paithani silk saree is handwoven using pure silk, real silver and gold. This has made these sarees very expensive.

Paithani saree designs are unique and very beautiful. A typical Paithani silk saree has borders of oblique or square design and a pallu with a peacock. They are available in multitude of colors, which is achieved by varying weaves. The design woven on the border of the saree separates it from all other sarees. The pallu of this saree is characterized by various motifs such as asavali, bangdimors, shikharkhana, akroti, Ajanta lotus and so on. Many of these sarees have their edges lined with precious pearls and rare gems.

The embroidery works done on the saree include mostly wedding scenes and other such important ceremonies. Paithani colours include bright colors like red, lavender, purple, ochre, prussian blue, magenta, peach pink, sky blue, royal blue, violet red, gujri, pasila and mirani.

This saree is made by skilled artisans and it takes two months to one year to create a Paithani saree, depending on the pallu and the border. Paithani cotton sarees are not widely seen as the silk sarees as paithani evolved from cotton base to silk base. Present day Paithani sarees are made of silk and zari. 

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