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About Phulkari Sarees Online

Phulkari is an art form which is also known as ‘Gulkari’. ‘Phul’ means flower and ‘kari’ means work. This is done with needle and bright colored silk threads. Red, orange, green, blue etc are the colors used for this work. This intricate work, done on fabrics, captures the attention of all with its beauty and brightness. Phulkari work was brought to India in the ancient times by the immigrant Jat people from Central Asia. This embroidery work is mentioned in the folklores of Punjab, especially the love story of Heer Ranjha.

Phulkari sarees are colorful and vibrant, making you look bright and attractive. It was mainly the art form of the rural women of Punjab. They engaged themselves in this activity during their free time. Phulkari sarees designs are done according to the imagination of the person doing it. They stitch anything that they feel will look good. They get their inspiration from nature and other elements surrounding them. Vegetables, flowers, fruits, animals, etc are the various motifs stitched by them. Peacock is the most common among the animals they choose. Fish, birds and elements of nature like moon, rivers, leaves like coriander, trees, jasmine flower patterns etc are also common.

Phulkari work sarees are rich looking because of the darn stitch in different directions, including horizontal, vertical and diagonal. This is done on the wrong side of the cloth using floss silk thread called pat. The quality of the saree depends on the size of the stitch. Usually small stitches are done on sarees. Finest pieces are those with smaller stitches.

Other than cotton and Khaddar, phulkari is now made on other fabrics also like georgette, silk and crepe. Phulkari sarees with multicolored blouse are perfect for wearing on any occasion. These impart grace and elegance to your personality, making you the centre of attraction in a gathering. They are great for wearing on any time of the year. 

The Colorful Phulkari Sarees Online from Shimply

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