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About Uppada Sarees Online

Uppada is a small beach town in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The sarees made here are unique to the place and are known as Uppada sarees. The history of Uppada sarees is closely associated with Jamdani weaving technique. During the early 19th century due to the industrial revolution in England that brought in machine-made Jamdani, the actual Jamdani, woven on the looms, suffered a big setback and slowly started to go extinct. Some of the designers who wanted to revive the traditional Jamdani back into the market, trained the weavers on the weaving technique in the Uppada village. Until then, the sarees made in Uppada village were simple, with a cotton warp and weft - seldom silk. This adoption of Jamdani technique by Uppada village in 1988 led to the introduction of Uppada Silk Sarees. Thus the jamdani weaving technique got popularized with the introduction of Uppada silk sarees in South India and Neelambari in North India.  

Uppada sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. The length count of threads is 100 and the breadth count of threads is 100 for uppada silk sarees. The basic fabrics of these sarees are Pure Silk, Pure Cotton, Pattu, and Combination of silk-cotton. Nowadays you also get Uppada tissue sarees. In Jamdani, weavers use two types of techniques, one is drawing Pattern designs on the paper and the other is using jala. In the former, weavers use either frames or pit looms. The weaver weaves using hands and legs by sitting on a stool. In the latter, two weavers worked on a single loom and made beautiful and delicate designs on the saree using zari. The motifs such as flowers, leafs, birds, animals, peacocks and other geometrical shapes are designed intricately.

Since these designs are made with hand, it takes about two month’s hard work to finish one saree. Earlier, the weavers found it hard to incorporate the intricate skills of hand weaving and it took a lot of time. Now they procure the raw materials and designs and make Uppada silk sarees at their places.

Uppada sarees are one of the most expensive varieties of silk sarees you can buy, but they are worth the money you spend on them. They are lightweight, exclusive and rich looking. The designer Uppada Silk sarees with zari and floral works are suitable for corporate events and grand occasions. Uppada Pattu Sarees with rich designer works are apt for wedding ceremonies. You can wear Uppada Sarees in any climate and feel comfortable.

In the year 2009, weavers weaving Uppada sarees registered Geographical Indication with the Government of India.

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