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About Venkatagiri Sarees Online

Venkatagiri is a town in Andhra Pradesh, in the district of Nellore. The handloom cotton sarees produced here are very famous. Venkatagiri sarees are regarded as one of the most soft and durable sarees that are produced in India. They are lightweight also. You can wear this saree in any climate, be it summer or winter. Venkatagiri sarees are six yards in length and have jamdani style weaving pattern.

The history of Venkatgiri cotton sarees dates back to the early 1700 when they were produced at Venkatagiri at an artisan cluster. During those times the place was known as ‘Kali Mili’. These sarees were then patronized by the Velugoti Dynasty of Nallopre and they were woven only for the royalty. The weavers made exclusive designs for the royal family and they were paid large amounts of money. With this they could survive till the next order was placed. Recently the weavers imported Jamdani design from Bangladesh and this made the Venkatagiri sarees famous all over the country. The president of India awarded the weavers who bought this unique technique to India.

Out of the 40,000 inhabitants in Venkatgiri, almost 20,000 are weavers and make a livelihood by weaving these sarees. The sarees that they make are exclusive and up to the expectations of their clients. If you want to add a specific design of your choice, inform the weavers who weave the saree and they will design the saree just as you had in your mind. The Venkatgiri saree is recognized by its distinct feature of a jamdani motif of peacock, swan, parrot, leaf of mango on the pallu.

Earlier only cotton threads were used, but now silk threads are also used. The dying and weaving methods are updated from time to time. Recently a dyeing unit has been set up in the town, so that the weavers get the threads dyed easily without the need to go to the nearby towns and cities. 

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